Officers and Directors

Well elections have been held and we are pleased to announce the new Officers and Directors who will be managing the Academy for the next session 2016 - 2017.

Dr Neil McLeod DDS awards Dr Mark Goldenberg a comemorative plaque To the right Dr Neil McLeod the President awarded Mark Goldenberg a commemorative plaque to acknowledge his year and President of the Academy.


Fanny Yacaman DDS, MSEd  [email protected]

President Elect
Gaby Cosgrove DMD  [email protected]

Vice President
David Salehani DDS, MD

Secretary / Treasurer
Frank Vidjak DDS MSEd

Executive Secretary
Katherine Mac Orlin BA  [email protected]


Directors 2016-2018

Jeff Berlin DDS MS  |  2008  |  [email protected]

Andrea Corsun DDS  |  2018  |  [email protected]

Steven Kupferman DMD, MD  |  2018  |  [email protected]

Saghi Parham DDS  |  2017  |  [email protected]

Joseph Samai DDS  |  2017  |  [email protected]

Ken Yates DDS  |  2017  |  [email protected]

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Meetings 2016 -2017

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  • February 27th  Montage Hotel
  • March 27th Montage Hotel