The Beverly Hills Academy of Dentistry

Our Mission

The purpose of this society shall be the advancement of the art and science of dentistry and medicine, the encouragement of clinical and experimental dentistry and medicine and its allied sciences, the upholding of the ethics of the professions and the promotion of good fellowship among its members.(Article l Section 20 of the Bylaws)

Founded in 1941, the Beverly Hills Academy of Dentistry has survived for over eighty years as one of the preeminent professional organizations of its kind in Southern California.  Membership is granted to clinical colleagues who have practiced in the area for at least three years for Associateship, and five years for Full Membership when sponsored by at least two members of the academy. (Article ll Section 60 of the Bylaws)

Five academic meetings are held each year between October and March which are attended by the members and their guests.  The venue for these gatherings is chosen to compliment the needs prevaling at the time.

The privacy of each member will be upheld; specifically the roster of members and their confidential information shall not be disseminated for commercial purposes.
(Article l0 Section 10 of the Bylaws)

Meetings 2023 -2024

  • October 16th TBA
  • November 20th TBA 
  • January 15th TBA 
  • February 19th  TBA
  • March 18th TBA

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Beverly Hills Academy of Dentistry

(310) 376-0752


 PO Box 1801 Redondo Beach, CA 90278-0801